T-Shirts and Caps

What about Screen-Printing?
For one-off and small runs (up to 50 items), dye-sub is much better rather than screen-printing which requires specialized and expensive equipment that always needs to be maintained and cleaned.
How does it work?
You’ll need your artwork designs which you can make yourself, use our clipart, get from your friends and family, or download from various sites online, a sublimation printer, a heat press, and some T-Shirts and/or Caps.
Is it expensive?
Sublimation printers, ink and media have become much more affordable in recent years. Sublimation printing machines print out designs onto a special paper. Then the design is printed on a fabric by using a heat press. This equipment is readily available from online stores who will deliver to your door.
Which level of VinylMaster is for T-Shirts and Caps
For Beginners: We recommend VinylMaster Professional or PRO because it includes the full vectorizer, a large range of text tools, lots of vector effects and operates all the popular cutters.   For Businesses: We recommend VinylMaster Designer of DSR because it includes everything in PRO but also comes with a full suite of special effects tools which allow you to design and create the most amazing designs, along with the brand new Rhinestones module, a Mask editor to easily remove backgrounds from your photos and has all the Text tools you’ll ever need - not to mention 14,000 fonts and a ton of clipart in addition to some really neat cutting tools. 
Change Your Life & Career With VinylMaster
Make excelling your skills in your chosen industry easy with our software, designed specifically to make your workspace easier! Have questions about where to start, feel free to contact us and we can help, or download a free demo to try out for yourself!