Why is VinylMaster the right software for our institution?
It is with great pleasure that we have developed a full featured software that can be utilised to enhance the teaching and learning of graphic design related courses to drive and empower innovation and creativity that will have a positive ripple effect within the other industries that VinylMaster supports. VinylMaster is packed full of advanced tools and features accompanied by a practical layout and being easy to learn, VinylMaster will ensure that workflow is prioritised and more time is devoted to allowing the imagination to flourish.
We continue to be dedicated to driving results and producing output and would strongly recommend that institutions within this field incorporate VinylMaster into the curriculum to provide students with the utmost potential to ensure they continue to succeed and discover whilst accelerating in their capacity in the graphic design domain. This will provide students with the necessary background to success, whether it be in their personal craft and hobby or whether they create their own sign shop, sticker business, screen printing company or many more of the immense possibilities that will present itself by learning and immersing yourself in this industry.
What level of VinylMaster is for Education?
VinylMaster DSR is an affordable solution to implement into your institution that includes all of the tools and features contained in XPT minus the RIP which is necessary for large format printing. If your institution is primarily concerned with the design process itself and creating incredible projects then VinylMaster DSR is the perfect solution for empowering and driving all things graphics related. Packed with tools and features to design and output everything from vinyl signs, decals and stickers right through to banners, full color posters and super sites. VinylMaster DSR offers an innovative solution to your graphic design and output needs.
Change Your Life & Career With VinylMaster
Make excelling your skills in your chosen industry easy with our software, designed specifically to make your workspace easier! Have questions about where to start, feel free to contact us and we can help, or download a free demo to try out for yourself!