T-Shirts and Caps

Making T-Shirts and Caps has become very popular and it’s easier and less expensive than ever. Whether making them for yourself, your friends and family, or as a home based business, using VinylMaster, a sublimation printer and a heat press, otherwise known as dye-sub you’ll be designing and making your own T-Shirts and Caps in no time!
T-Shirts and Caps

What about Screen-Printing?

For one-off and small runs (up to 50 items), dye-sub is much better rather than screen-printing which requires specialized and expensive equipment that always needs to be maintained and cleaned.
T-Shirts _ Caps- Screen-printing

How does it work?

You’ll need your artwork designs which you can make yourself, use our clipart, get from your friends and family, or download from various sites online, a sublimation printer, a heat press, and some T-Shirts and/or Caps.
T-Shirts & Caps- How does it work?

Is it expensive?

Sublimation printers, ink and media have become much more affordable in recent years. Sublimation printing machines print out designs onto a special paper. Then the design is printed on a fabric by using a heat press. This equipment is readily available from online stores who will deliver to your door.
T-Shirts _ Caps- Expensive_

Not Quite Sure?

VinylMaster solutions advance and empower all graphics related industries, allowing the facilitation of production and supporting success and growth.

Which level of VinylMaster is for T-Shirts and Caps

For Beginners: We recommend VinylMaster Professional or PRO because it includes the full vectorizer, a large range of text tools, lots of vector effects and operates all the popular cutters.   For Businesses: We recommend VinylMaster Designer of DSR because it includes everything in PRO but also comes with a full suite of special effects tools which allow you to design and create the most amazing designs, along with the brand new Rhinestones module, a Mask editor to easily remove backgrounds from your photos and has all the Text tools you’ll ever need - not to mention 14,000 fonts and a ton of clipart in addition to some really neat cutting tools. 

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