Craft & Hobby

Crafting brings out the creativity in everyone, by bringing life to new ideas, providing a sense of fulfilment, improving motor coordination, and connecting with loved ones. You can become a crafter as a wonderful hobby to enjoy at any time or as a business crafter.
Craft & Hobby

What kinds of crafts can you make?

From cards and gifts to home items and much more, there are an unlimited number of crafting options to choose from. Crafting is a world of infinite possibilities, but some examples are DIY cards, craft gifts, home personalisation and for your crafting business which can all be done with VinylMaster. Experimenting with different types of crafts may help you find the one that’s perfect for you. It’s best to choose the one that speaks to you and helps you unleash your creativity to the fullest.
Craft _ Hobby- Kinds of Crafts

Not Quite Sure?

If you need some help or have any questions and aren't quite yet ready to purchase, please contact us now so that we may assist you in your design journey. If you want to get right into it and trial for yourself which product suits you best, click below to download our free demo!

Which level of VinylMaster is for Crafting?

For Beginners: We recommend VinylMaster Letter of LTR because it includes the full vectorizer, a good range of text tools, lots of vector effects and operates all the popular cutters.   For Business Crafters: We recommend VinylMaster Designer or DSR because it includes everything in LTR but also comes with a full suite of special effects tools which allow you to design and create the most amazing designs, along with a Rhinestones module, a Mask editor to easily remove backgrounds from your photos and has all the Text tools you’ll ever need not to mention 14,000 fonts and a ton of clipart and some realty neat cutting tools. 

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