VinylMaster V5 – Price List

VinylMaster V5 – Price List

New Licenses

List Price (MSRP)$59$129$299$499$995
Additional licenses (each)$29.5$64.5$149.5$249.5$497.5
Subscribe (monthly)>>>$8.95$14.95$24.95$49.75
Subscribe (monthly) – Additional licenses (each)>>>$4.48$7.48$12.48$24.88

VinylMaster V5

Pay over time (monthly)n/a$11.61 (12 months)$21.92 (15 months)$36.60 (15 months)$72.96 (15 months)
*Price listed is per month. Options of 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 months are available. *At the end of the term the software license is owned outright by the buyer. *see Pay-over time explained *Conditions of Sale • If you do not use the Coupon Code (above) when ordering the discount will not be applied and no refunds for the difference will be issued at a later time. • $1 subscription is for any level of VinylMaster for the first month and then the regular price applies for each month thereafter, until cancelled by you.
  • Life means for as long as you subscribe.
  • For new subscribers only.
  • Subject to our terms and conditions of sale.

VinylMaster V5

CUT V1-5 Upgrade to$8.1/month$13.5/month$22.5/month$44.8/month
LTR V1-5 Upgrade to$7.2/month$12/month$20/month$39.8/month
PRO V1-5 Upgrade to>>>$10.5/month$17.5/month$34.8/month
DSR V1-5 Upgrade to>>>>>>$15/month$29.9/month
XPT V1-5 Upgrade to>>>>>>>>>$24.9/month

VinylMaster V5

CUT V1-5 Upgrade to$29.5$73.5$252$462$982.8
LTR V1-5 Upgrade to>>>$64.5$178.5$388.5$909.3
PRO V1-5 Upgrade to>>>>>>$149.5$210$730.8
DSR V1-5 Upgrade to>>>>>>>>>$249.5520.8
XPT V1-5 Upgrade to>>>>>>>>>>>>497.5

Purchase Conditions
There are no prerequisites to purchase a full license. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale and the EULA.​


• All prices are in USD$ and subject to tax (if applicable) and change without notice. 
• Offer only available to residents of the United States and not in conjunction with any other offer.
• Click here for full Terms & Conditions and EULA.
• E&OE.

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