Box, Card & Paper

Gift giving is always recognised as an act of kindness and when the gift is personalised and created by a loved one that special thought resonates even more than ever. Box making and card designing is easier than ever with the use of VinylMaster, meaning you can share your creative ideas with a loved one for that special moment that they will remember forever.
Box, Card & Paper

What kind of boxes can I make?

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to box and card making as you can select your size, shape and the featured patterns depending on the occasion and that special person who you are designing for. Import a stencil into the software or create one yourself with the Line Tool that is perfecting for developing all sorts of shapes. Add your designs using the range of available clipart or create your own in the software using our drawing tools that allow you to design and create to your heart's content. Boxes and cards are the perfect and especially thoughtful gift to give for all sorts of occasions and can be customised in any way to suit exactly what you need for the receiver of your gift, adding that special touch that that won't go unnoticed. Once you have the shape and design, VinylMaster allows you to send directly to over 5000 cutters so that you won't spend your time trying to cut out the shapes, meaning more time can be spent on the creation itself.
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Not Quite Sure?

If you need some help or have any questions and aren't quite yet ready to purchase, please contact us now so that we may assist you in your design journey. If you want to get right into it and trial for yourself which product suits you best, click below to download our free demo!

Which level of VinylMaster is for Boxes, Cards and Paper?

We recommend VinylMaster PRO because you can access 9609 clipart options to ensure your designs can be catered to your desire in addition to all of the necessary tools including plenty of effects tools that will allow you to create out your own designs. Partnered with access to the full vectorizer and a collection of extras that can be sent to the most popular cutters means box and card making will be a breeze.

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